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Don’t Forget It’s Father’s Day Soon!

Don’t Forget It’s Father’s Day Soon!

Father’s Day always falls on the 3rd Sunday of the month, so this year that’s Sunday June 18th Unlike Mother’s Day where the US celebrate at a different time of the year, we follow them for the celebration of fathers or those who have a ‘father’s’ role.

When was Father’s Day first celebrated?

Father’s Day was first celebrated at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is thought to have been first celebrated on July 5 1908 in West Virginia, by Grace Clayton who had lost her father in a mining accident.  She wanted her father to be remembered for his role in her life.

Two years later a larger event took place across churches in Spokane Washington, organised by Sonora Dodd, who had been inspired by attending a Mother’s Day service the previous year.

Initially, she chose the date of her own father’s birthday, but it was delayed until the 3rd Sunday of June to give the pastors time to prepare their sermons.

The day wasn’t widely celebrated again until the 1930s when Sonora tried to raise the recognition of the celebrations, by enlisting the help of merchants who stood to gain from the marketing potential.

The date was officially designated by American President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 and signed into law as a national holiday, six years later by Richard Nixon.

Around the world it is a day to celebrate fathers and fatherhood, although the date varies around the world – they often fall in March, May and June.

Things to do for Father’s Day:

Dad’s often get presents of ties, socks, books – but why not do something different and cook for him?  If your dad has allergies, then it will be particularly special that you have taken the time to create something for him that he can eat, safely. Or, alternatively, if you know he likes cooking buy him some baking mixes and bake with him.

*Breakfast in bed – make him a waffle or pancake stack, and or a fruit smoothie.

There are several recipes to choose from on our site: healthy pancakes, Ultimate Waffles; Vegan American style pancakes; NOTella spread waffles; Berries and Jam pancakes – there are loads more too.

*Lunch – book somewhere to take your dad out for lunch either at his favourite restaurant, or if he hasn’t got one, check out which local eateries are allergy aware, and can give you a full summary of what ingredients are used in their menus.

*Afternoon tea – create your dad an allergen free afternoon tea, with Maca Scones, and dairy-free cream; carrot cake or banana bread, and a range of cupcakes and cookies.

*Bake with him – if your dad likes cooking, have a friendly bake-off with him, and bake and decorate cakes, having some ‘together time’.

Then after you’ve eaten all of the food you’ve made, or taken him out to eat, go for a walk to his favourite place, and do some exercise to help move the calories you’ve just eaten!

You can find a whole range of recipes as mentioned above for waffles, pancakes, baking mixes – on our website: https://creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk/blog/recipes/

Order your baking mixes now, so you have them in time for Father’s Day.

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