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How Do You Incorporate Superfoods Into Your Diet?

As the New Year begins, many of us embark on a journey of self-improvement, and what better way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle than by incorporating nutrient-packed superfoods into your diet? Let’s explore the benefits and creative ways to integrate some of our superfood products; Chia Seeds, Maca Powder, Cacao Powder, and Cacao Nibs into your meals, ensuring a vibrant and nourishing start to the year.


Chia Seeds: The Tiny Powerhouses Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and antioxidants. Their gelatinous texture when soaked makes them versatile for various recipes and the perfect egg replacement. 

  • Chia Seed Dressing: Mix chia seeds with some olive olive and lemon for a simple yet healthy salad dressing to have on your salads, poke bowls, nourish bowls and more! (click on the image for the recipe_

  • Chia Seed Cookies: Add a few tablespoons of chia seeds to your cookies for an extra nutrient boost and added texture and benefits. They make the perfect breakfast cookies (click on the image for the recipe)




Maca Powder: Energize Naturally Known for its apoptogenic properties, maca powder can boost energy levels, enhance stamina, and support hormonal balance.

  • Morning Smoothie: Blend maca powder with banana, strawberries, and a scoop of plant-based protein and milk for a morning pick-me-up. (click on the image for the recipe)
  • Maca Hummus: Mix maca powder with chickpeas and olive oil to make a health dip to go with your snacks throughout the day. Enjoy hummus with those added health benefits. (click on the image for the recipe)



Cacao Powder: The Healthy Chocolate Fix Cacao powder is a rich source of antioxidants, iron, and magnesium, making it a healthier alternative to traditional cocoa powder.

  • Chocolate Smoothie Bowl: Blend frozen bananas, cacao powder, and almond milk for a creamy and indulgent smoothie bowl. Top with granola, berries, and a sprinkle of cacao nibs.
  • Healthy Hot Chocolate: Mix cacao powder with warm plant-based milk, a touch of maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon for a guilt-free hot chocolate.



Cacao Nibs: Crunchy Chocolate Delight Cacao nibs are small pieces of crushed cacao beans, providing a satisfying crunch along with the benefits of antioxidants and fiber.

  • Cacao Nib Cookies : These cookies are perfect for any time of the day using healthier ingredients alongside the cacao nibs will set you on your way to enjoying delicious snacks in a healthy way (click the image for the recipe).
  • Smoothie Bowl: Top your smoothie bowl of frozen fruit, plant based milk with our cacao nibs for the perfect start to your day! (click the image for the recipe).

As you embark on your wellness journey in the New Year, consider integrating these superfoods into your diet for a flavourful and nourishing experience. Whether you’re a fan of smoothies, breakfast bowls, or snacks, chia seeds, maca powder, cacao powder, and cacao nibs offer a delightful way to enhance the nutritional value of your meals. Embrace the goodness of these superfoods and enjoy the positive impact they can have on your overall well-being. Cheers to a healthier and more vibrant you in the coming year!

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