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Allergy Awareness Assemblies are BACK!

Allergy Awareness Week is just around the corner (22nd-28th April). We are so happy to say that our Allergy Awareness Assemblies are back for another year! Last year we managed to educate over 135,000 children across the UK and we want to continue to increase this number this year and ensure that children are kept safe at school, like every child deserves to be. 

Why are our Allergy Awareness Assemblies needed in schools? 

In a recent survey carried out on 224 people by the Benedict Blythe Foundation they discovered some shocking statistics about teachers and their ability to aid someone with food allergies. 

  • 2 in 5 teachers did not feel comfortable dealing with allergic reactions 
  • Only 4% of teachers have been allergy trained 
  • 1/3 have never received any allergy training 
  • 15% had no idea how many children in their classroom have allergies 

These statistics show that there is a staggering gap in knowledge which leaves educators ill-equipped to handle allergic reactions, which can result in life-threatening situations. Picture this scenario: a child in the midst of a classroom activity suddenly exhibits signs of an allergic reaction after unknowingly coming into contact with an allergen. In such a moment of crisis, the response of teachers can make all the difference between a swift resolution and a potentially dire outcome. Yet, without adequate training and awareness, teachers may find themselves at a loss, unsure of the appropriate course of action to take.

Our Allergy Awareness Assemblies are a beacon of hope in the realm of allergy education. These assemblies, serve as invaluable platform for raising awareness about allergies among students and teachers. Through engaging presentations and interactive activities for the classroom. Creative Nature equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to recognise an allergic reaction and respond effectively.

This awareness assembly, teaches children what allergies are, what to do if someone is having an allergic reaction and how to show empathy to peers that have allergies. 

The lack of allergy awareness in schools and the deficiency in teacher training on this critical issue are challenges that demand immediate attention. Through initiatives like our Allergy Awareness Assemblies, can bridge the gap in knowledge, foster empathy and inclusivity, and ultimately create safer and more supportive learning environments for all. It’s time to turn the tide on allergy ignorance and pave the way for a future where every child feels safe, understood, and empowered to thrive.

If you would like to get your hands on our Allergy Awareness Assemblies please contact us here – hello@creative-nature.uk.com and we will share with you the assembly pack! 

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