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ALL of us at Creative Nature are excited to share with you the amazing news that our founder and CEO Julianne has been awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List – the first honours to be awarded during the reign of King Charles III.

Julianne Ponan Announcement MBE

She knew all about it a few weeks ago when the news came through – and although we suspected something was ‘up’ we didn’t know anything definite until just before the big announcement was made public!

For Julianne it’s humbling to be considered alongside the amazing people up and down the UK – yet for us at Creative Nature it’s no surprise.

We work with Julianne week in and week out and we see her passion for what she does, her passion for Creative Nature’s product range and her total commitment to helping others like her. Her best moments are when a parent messages to thank us for providing snacks for their child who lives with allergies.

We see how much she does outside of the office and factory to spread awareness of allergies and anaphylaxis, we listen to the talks she gives in the UK and overseas and we see her as she is willing to help one person – or talk to 1000s.

She’s also received the honour for her contribution to business and her advocacy for exporting and inspiring other SMEs to do the same. Our products are currently exported to 16 countries global.

What is an MBE?

In case you didn’t know MBE stands for Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire – and it’s the third highest ranking honour of the Order behind the OBE and the CBE. There are also other awards – KBE or DBE (Knight or Dame) and those who receive those honours can use the titles ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ before their name if they wish.

The MBE itself is awarded for ‘outstanding achievement or service to the community which has had a long-term significant impact’.

These awards were first introduced in 1917 by George V to reward service personnel for their services to the war effort even if they were not on the frontline. Now the awards are open to civilians as well as members of the armed forces.

Julianne’s campaigning and advocacy for those living with allergies:

 Julianne has received the honour in large part for the work she’s done to educate others about the risks, dangers, and realities of living with allergies and anaphylaxis. She also seeks to empower those who live with allergies and anaphylaxis to live their best lives.

Allergies are rising globally, particularly allergies to food and particularly among children.  Living with allergies is not easy. People can feel isolated, excluded, and humiliated when they need to ensure that what they eat, or drink is safe– and that can include what others eat or drink around them. This can lead to exclusion and isolation. For example, some restaurants, hotels, or cafes will not serve people with allergies like Julianne’s, or she’ll be expected to sign a waiver that she eats and drinks at her own risks – something she will not do. 

MedicAlert Ambassador
Anaphylaxis Campaign Ambassador

It’s for these reasons that she’s an ambassador for the Anaphylaxis Campaign and for MedicAlert as she sees education as a key factor in mitigating the risks people like her face on a daily basis.

It was her personal passion for living well with allergies which led to her founding Creative Nature and she’s not stopping any time soon. Both the company and Julianne herself will continue to campaign for those who live with allergies to be seen, heard and respected.

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