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Mental Health Awareness Week

We are now in our seventh week of lockdown. For many people this has been a very stressful time.   This is the first time since the war we have had any sort of embargo on our movements and the way we live.   The biggest part of this for…

Our thoughts on international no diet day

Our diet also impacts on our health. Whilst we are having to stay at home, it is much easier to sit around for longer, or watch the TV, watch films, and become more sedentary than when we are going to work, and getting out and about as normal.   However,…

Did you know May is National Walking month?

Many people walk as part of their exercise regularly. However, now it is something that is recommended we all do once a day, during lockdown to keep us healthy and fit, both mentally and physically.   An American report in 2018 concluded that walking is associated with improved mental and…

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