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Power of Supplements

If you are the type of person to opt for the quick route in life – your daily dose of vitamins must also tie into that attitude, surely? We are going to focus on 2 of our very own Super foods which also come in the form of capsules/tablets. First, we…

Vegan Chocoholic Ice Cream Recipes

All vegan ice cream lovers, listen up, we have a few chocolatey tricks up our sleeve that are gonna blow you away! Why settle for plain when you can throw a few things into the mix which will keep your cravings at bay. With the vegan and free from market…

Healthy balanced diet? No problem!

To live a long, fulfilled life is our dream at Creative Nature, well I think it’s a dream that many of us have. We would say one of the main aspects of keeping our lives fulfilled is a healthy balanced diet! Having a balanced diet allows you to maintain your health…

What is ‘Clean Eating’?

If you pop the hashtag #cleaneating into Instagram there are currently more than 27.7million posts, with images of everything from colourful salads, flat stomachs, green smoothies and everything in-between. When I searched the term the other day, this is what I was presented with. They’re all pretty glamourous looking pictures…

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