Banana Bread Baking Mix


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Gluten-Dairy-Nut Free


Serves 12

  • Easy to bake with only 3 ingredients
  • Vegan and standard recipe on pack

indulgently squidgy gluten-free banana bread

The Juicy Details


A household must have and one of our most cherished baking mixes: our Classic Banana Bread Mix!

We can proudly claim that our Banana Bread Cake Mix is the no.1 in the UK and even a bestseller on Amazon! To make it even better, this cake mix is not only vegan but is completely top 14 allergen free. Not only that, but it’s also refined sugar and sweetener free as well! We wanted to make sure that anyone and everyone can enjoy this delicious, nut free treat. 

Our brand is all about creating choice and ease for those who may struggle to find cake mixes that they can enjoy with their food allergies, whether it be from allergens or even chosen dietary requirements, we don’t want anybody feeling left out. Our packaging boasts both a standard and a vegan recipe, both of which are easy to follow and we’ve even included some of our top tips to make your bake even more delicious. 

So, what better way to get rid of those brown bananas you have sitting in your kitchen than to use them to create your next dairy and egg free cake. You can have your slices warm out of the oven or freeze them for a later date. This dairy free cake mix is no hassle and no fuss so it’s the perfect Sunday baking and we have lots of easy baking recipes for beginners.

If you needed more convincing, we even had several celebrities make this mix during Lockdown, including Leigh- Anne and Jade from Little Mix. 

Why not snack on some of our nut free Magibles whilst doing some gluten free baking.

If you head over to our social media, you’ll see all the fun we have customising our own banana breads, from Biscoff marbles to hidden fruit; this mix is truly versatile. 

Feel free to tag us in any of your creations, we love to see them! 

If you’d like to know how easy it is to make this ‘delicious without doubt’ mix, make sure to click on the ‘How to use me’ tab. We have a range of delicious and easy recipes to choose from over on our website, one of our favourites is our Forest Banana Bread, to give it a go click here.

Top 14 Allergen Free means: Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Egg Free, Soya Free, Wheat Free, Milk Free, Sesame Free, Lupin Free, Celery Free, Mustard Free, Sulphites Free, Molluscs Free, Crustaceans Free, Fish Free. Our Products are also fully Nut free, Gluten Free and Vegan with no ‘May Contains’. 

Regular Banana Bread


Flour Blend (Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, Maize Starch, Tapioca Starch, Maize Flour), Sugar, Milled Flaxseed, Baking Powder (mono calcium phosphate, corn starch, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate)

Organic Banana Bread


Brown Rice Flour*, Raw Cane Sugar*, Milled Flaxseed*, Baking Powder (mono calcium phosphate, corn starch*, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate)

*Certified organic ingredients.

Typical values Per 100g Per 45g slice*
Energy 1562 kJ 480 kJ
370 kcal 114 kcal
Fat 5.5 g 3.5 g
of which saturates 0.5 g 0.6 g
Carbohydrates 78 g 21 g
of which sugars 37g 10 g
Fibre 4.7 g 1.5 g
Protein 6.2 g 1.5 g
Salt 0.1 g 0.1 g

*as prepared to the standard vegan recipe

• 3 Large Ripe Bananas
• 50g Dairy Free Spread
• Pinch of Cinnamon (optional)

• 1tsp Vanilla Extract

• 2 Large Ripe Bananas
• 50g Butter
• 1 Large Egg
• Pinch of Cinnamon (Optional)

• 1tsp Vanilla Extract

• Preheat oven to 180°C/400°F/Gas Mark 4.
• Mash up the bananas in a mixing bowl with a fork, then pop all ingredients in and give a good stir (singing loudly at this point is reported to improve taste).
• Spoon the yummy mixture into a greaseproof 1lb loaf tin, or two mini loaf tins.
• Bake for 25 mins, until beautifully brown on top, then carefully remove (using oven gloves!), cover with tin foil and bake for another 20 mins.
• Share with friends, or gobble it all up, your choice!

Want to make your banana bread even more awesome?
Try these top tips:
• Chocolate Lover? Add a handful of choc chips in the mix or stir some melted dark choc in for a marbled cake effect.
• Icing Queen? Simple icing idea – just mix dairy free spread with icing sugar until it’s sweet enough for you! Add vanilla, Creative Nature Cacao Powder or anything you like, just remember to show us what you create!

11 reviews for Banana Bread Baking Mix

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  1. Linda

    I purchased this banana bread mix from a well known supermarket as I read all the five star reviews. I had made my own banana loaves in lockdown and was curious to try this mix. It was extremely easy to do and smelled delicious in the oven. When it had cooled, I cut a slice and on first tasting, it was nice but then I got a distinctive peppery aftertaste. My daughter said exactly the same thing. We couldn’t work out why as all the ingredients were organic & natural. We wonder if anyone else has experienced this aftertaste? This is purely a constructive comment as otherwise this was fairly tasty but unfortunately I wouldn’t repurchase.

  2. Clare Sharman (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, discovered through Gousto, my husband loves banana bread, and declared this the best he’s the ingredients are all natural win win

  3. Meg

    I bought this through my Gousto box first as it looked super convenient. I used to love baking all the time but since having a baby I just need everything to be quick and easy!
    This baking mix is amazing as dry ingredients are all weighed out in the mix and you just need to add a couple bananas, egg and butter ( there is option of making it vegan too which is amazing!) I always have those ingredients in the house so this just makes it super easy to put together in a matter of minutes.
    It also tastes soooo good. Not all my banana breads have turned out very well before so will definitely be buying a few more again to store in the cupboard! My daughter absolutely loved it too …bonus 🙂
    Lovely as a quick treat. Will have to try the rest of their products now 🙂

  4. Hannah Gray

    I’ve been forever trying and failing at baking gluten free treats! BUT this is a game changer. So super easy to make, and so so so tasty, not dry at all either! Can add additional items if you like too. Can’t wait to try other baking mixes from creative nature!

  5. Jo

    Purchased through Guosto and thought even I could have a good at this. It was delicious. Can’t say how long it will last as nearly all gone. I added Raspberries and the combination worked well. Will buy again and going to look at other options.

  6. Nicky Frowen

    Amazing taste and texture! Love this banana bread, do easy to make and the chewy bananas in it really give it great flavour.

  7. Alicia

    I can’t recommend this enough, I was sceptical at first as I’m very fussy but I’m so glad I found this! It takes exactly the same as homemade banana cake Just with less calories. You can’t tell it’s gluten free and it’s not dry at all. Really delicious can’t recommend enough

  8. Janis Young (verified owner)

    This makes a delicious banana cake which is the best I have ever tasted. It keeps beautifully moist for a few days in the tin and freezes very well. I will be buying more!!

  9. Nicky M (verified owner)

    Reluctantly I tried this packet mix after many failed attempts at vegan banana bread (My son is allergic to eggs) and this was actually the best one I’ve ever made! It was absolutely delicious and I will definitely be purchasing more! So great to have allergy safe alternatives.

  10. Amy Smith (verified owner)

    I love this so much! It’s almost like a brownie like consistency… a delicious, healthy, squigy, banana brownie. I was super skeptical, as I’m not normally a fan of pre-packaged cake mixes, but I’m a convert!

    I kept it in a container for around a week, and it was absolutely fine.

    Will 100% buy and make again!

  11. Lydia

    I bake this more or less every week and I absolutely adore it! If stored in a tin or box it lasts a while, and its perfect to take to work for breakfast or mid-morning snack. I started suffering with gluten and dairy allergies years ago and this mix means I can finally enjoy an amazing quality banana bread again. Really easy to mix it up with different flavours by adding to the mix. My favourites to make are blueberry/coconut and chocolate. Definitely a must-have! 🙂

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