Oatily Delicious Bundle



Gluten-Dairy-Nut Free

Variety Box – 6 bars of each 3 flavours

Gluten-Dairy-Wheat-Nut Free

1 mixed box £18.00 

These bars are just too good not to share with you guys. I’ve put together this bundle so that you don’t have to choose from the selection, the decision is just too hard! Hopefully this will make things easier for you guys.

I love these bars because they’re guilt-free, low calorie, refined sugar free and of course top 14 allergen-safe. I pop one in my handbag whenever I know I’ll be out and about for the day. They’re also great for smoothie bowls (my favourites!).

Julianne Ponan - CEO

The Juicy Details


This is our Creative Nature Superfood Snack Bars Taster Pack. It has a mixture of our very first, “The Original” Superfood bars! These 3 bars come in a range of delicious different flavours which are sure to impress all of our customers. They are raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and nut free – they pretty much accommodate to all consumers out there! 

Whether you want to treat yourself to a mid-day pick me up or a delicious pre-workout snack, these bars have you covered. They are also a great topping for smoothie bowls if you are a fan of having some tasty and beautiful bowls in the morning! Not only do they taste incredible and provide you with a great dose of energy, but they are also free from any artificial sweeteners or sugar, making them healthier than most of the bars out on the market today! They are also certified Kosher! 

Struggling to decide which flavour to choose, or are you a first-time customer? Then pick up this Superfood Snack Bars Taster Pack, and let your taste buds decide for you! With 5 bars of each flavour, this box is perfect to pass around to your friends, offering a little something for everyone. Or you can just eat them all and relish the unique flavours of each bar. 

The Mixed Oatie Bar Taster Pack consists of our Bursting Berry Blend, Oh Wow Cacao Chocolate and Blueberry Muffin Bar! We’re sure you will find a favourite!

This Bundle contains:

Please see individual bar pages for nutrition information:

Ginger Teatox

Goji Goodness

Raw Cacao

  • Peel back the wrapper and enjoy!
  • Eat on the go, or enjoy at your leisure with a warm drink
  • Perfect size for a cycling jersey or gym bag
  • Head to the top of a mountain and enjoy whilst taking in the stunning view!

If you want a bit more inspiration of where you can take your bars to and when to enjoy them- make sure to check out our Instagram page to see some amazing photos by our customers and bloggers. If you take some beautiful photos yourself and would like to see it featured on our Instagram, please email ellie@creative-nature.uk.com with your images!

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  1. Liam

    Tried one of my friends bars and knew I wanted to get some my self; came onto the shop and saw so much choice that I had to get this to try them all! so glad I did as it turns out I love them all! taste great and even better when you know they are the healthier option for a snack!!

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