Best Selling Bundle

£16.00 inc. VAT

Gluten-Dairy-Nut Free

A selection of all of our best selling Creative Nature snacks!

Includes our marvelous Magibles and brilliant Bars

Everyone loves a small snack to nibble on; I love my sweet treats! I struggle choosing a favourite out if this range, so I can imagine it would be the same for you guys! That’s why I had to put together a bundle that would allow my customers to try each snack in the Creative Nature range.  I hope you guys love all the treats; I love hearing your faves!

Julianne Ponan - CEO

The Juicy Details


Our best selling bundle offers you the chance to try out our most popular delicious top 14 allergen free snacks, these allergens include gluten, dairy and nut. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, grab a healthy lunch-break snack or if you fancy treating yourself – this bundle has it all! 

We’ve filled this box with 2 oat and fruit bars 3 of our snack size Magibles and 3 of or ‘share’ bag Magibles (although you don’t have to share them!). We know our customers love customising smoothie bowls, oats or even their bakes with our Magibles and bars. 

Bag yourself a range of Magible flavours: HazelNOT, M*LK Chocolate and Super Salted Caramel – what more could you ask for? These are the perfect midday pick me up, post-meal treats and food toppings. To cater for the other days of the week, on top of the Magibles, we’re treating you with some healthy bars for those gym or healthy-eating days!

These snacks are perfect for a school safe lunch box snack which can be enjoyed by everyone! We want to make sure no one ever has to miss out on delicious food and with our snacks no one ever has to! We are proudly certified Kosher and Vegan! 

This Creative Nature bundle includes: 

  • Magibles: (includes all three flavours in both sizes!)
  • Berry Blend: Our award winning bars bursting with berry-blend goodness. With no artificial sugar, sweeteners or syrups these cold-pressed flapjacks would rank as one of the healthiest snacks out there. They’re perfect for pre/post workout snacks, smoothie bowl toppings or lunch-time snacks! 
  • Oh Wow Cacao Bar: This is a god-send for the chocoholics out there; we’ve not only managed to create the perfect chocolate-oat bar, but also retained the nutrients that are generally discarded amongst the chocolate industry. Our cold-pressed bar contains a multitude of nutrients… minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron) as well as sources of superfoods (our vitamin-rich goji berries and calcium-packed maca powder). Go Cacao-crazy!


Visit individual product pages for nutritional information:


Throw any of these treats into your gym, school or work bag and indulge in them on your break, or even on the go! Our Magibles work best for our chocoholic fans, take them out and about with you to nibble on, and make sure to recycle our new recyclable packaging!

Chop the bars up and use them as a healthy smoothie-bowl topper!

Our Magibles are the perfect finish, use these on top of a oat bowls, cakes, pancakes… the list is endless!




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