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Latest news from Creative Nature

Surrey free-from food company, Creative Nature, has recruited a new staff member to help the company with digital marketing and administration.

Caitlyn Ward (23) from Walton-on-Thames, is settling into her new role.

“It can be quite fast-paced, but in a fun, challenging way instead of overwhelming. I’m never afraid to ask questions if I’m not sure what I’m doing and everyone has been super supportive.”

Caitlyn is a former student of Rydens Enterprise School (now the Three Rivers Academy) and she has worked part-time from her teenage years within the service and hospitality industry as a waitress, kitchen assistant and some office work. She went on to study for a degree in Creative and Professional Writing at The University of Winchester.Caitlyn, who suffers from Crohn’s Disease explained how blessed she feels to work with a company which understands what it’s like to have a chronic digestive condition.

“I can’t quite believe that I’m able to work with such a caring team. It’s amazing that I’m able to support those who are, like me, stuck with restricted diets and need a safe brand, like Creative Nature, to rely on for good food.”

CEO Julianne Ponan knows what it’s like to live with a life-long condition. She has serious and life-threatening food allergies and that’s why Creative Nature prides itself on offering products which are free from the top 14 allergens.

Julianne said: “I know when Caitlyn joined us she was very upfront about her condition and how it affects her life. I get that, I live with a condition every day. This gives her a unique understanding of the challenges faced by many of our customers and means she will be a fantastic ambassador for our brand.

“She understands what our company stands for and totally empathises with Creative Nature’s ethos. We will do all we can to give her a bright future.” (or similar)

Outside of her work role, Caitlyn is a bookworm who not only reads but also writes her own stories. That’s when she’s not spending time with friends and her girlfriend, Riannah, whom she met at university two years ago.

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