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Magibles Yoghurt Bark

Spring is finally back and it’s time to start bringing back the lighter recipes, goodbye cold hello sunshine! ⁠

In the past we have tried chocolate bark which has been delicious but this time we wanted to try yogurt bark. This was so worth it and the Magibles on top was the star of the show!⁠

This is a super easy recipe and is free from the top 14 allergens as well as completely vegan, so why not give it a go?!

Nothing like indulging in a good way, right? ⁠



Cook:5 hours



  • 500g Dairy Free Yogurt
  • 75g Magibles (flavour of your choice)
  • 150g Strawberries

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  1. Place some baking paper on a oven tray 
  2. Pour the yoghurt on top and smooth it out with the back end of a spoon! 
  3. Sprinkle the cubed strawberries on top along with some of your crushed/whole Magibles.
  4. Place in the freezer for up to 8 hours. This time will depend on how thick you would like your yoghurt 
  5. ENJOY!
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