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Magibles Cacao Nib Crispy Bars

When it comes to Dad snacks, we’d say Toffee Crisp is up there with the popular ones!

So we have made our own take on this classic snack with our Magible and Cacao Nib Crisps Bars!

Imagine serving these up with a cup of tea for your Dad on Fathers Day – he would be over the moon!

The best gifts are the ones made with love, so why not whip up a quick and easy batch of these top 14 allergen free snacks and show your Dad how much he means to you this Fathers Day!


Prep:10 Minutes

Cook:30 minutes set time



  • 2 x 30g Bag of Magibles (we used mylk choc and salted caramel)
  • 100g Creative NAture Cacao Nibs
  • 50g Gluten free Cornflakes
  • 200g Vegan Milk chocolate
  • 50ml Dairy free toffee syrup

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  1. Break all the chocolate onto a microwavable mixing bowl and put it in the microwave for 90 seconds, until the chocolate is melted.
  2. Get a wooden spoon or a rolling pin and bash the bags of magibles to crush up the contents.
  3. Pour the crushed up magibles, cacao nibs, and cornflakes into the melted chocolate and mix well
  4. Add the toffee syrup and mix well. (The syrup is to stop them from setting so hard so that you can easily cut them into servings. If you don’t add this you will struggle to cut them once the mixture is set).
  5. Pour the mixture into a ceramicor glass tray and put it in the fridge to set for around 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from the fridge and cut into 9 servings
  7. ENJOY!!!
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