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Easter Choc Cake Truffles

Looking for something to hide in this years hunt other than just Easter eggs?? ⁠

These choc cake truffles will hit the spot! Wrap them up in cellophane with a pretty bow and you have got the perfect addition to your Easter egg hunt! ⁠Easter is all about spending it with friends and family. There would be no better way than doing that with food that everyone can enjoy around the same table.

All you need to use our chocolate cake mix is vegetable oil, and plant milk! It’s as simple as that! ⁠

These little wonders are free from all top 14 allergens and are completely vegan friendly! They really are the perfect inclusive treat or everyone!

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Prep:10 Minutes

Cook:25 Minutes



  • 1 x Creative Nature Chocolate cake mix
  • 110ml Plant milk
  • 60ml Vegetable oil
  • 150g Vegan white chocolate
  • Sugar Carrot shapes

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  1. Mix the chocolate cake mixture with the oil and plant milk in a mixing bowl.
  2. Put into a baking tin and pop into the oven for 25 mins
  3. Remove cake from oven and leave to cool. 
  4. Put the cake into a mixing bowl and break down into breadcrumbs.
  5. Melt the white chocolate and add a quarter of it to the cake breadcrumbs mix and combine.
  6. Roll this mixture into small balls.
  7. Dip the balls into  the melted choc and then pop onto a plate.
  8. Once you have done this with all the mixture, pop the plate in the fridge/freezer for 10 minutes.
  9.  Remove and re-dip if you want a thicker chocolate coating.
  10. Add the sugar carrot to the top
  11. ENOY!!
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