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Chunky Coleslaw

Chunky Coleslaw

It’s picnic season!! This is one of the best times of the year, getting together with friends and family and enjoying the sunshine while eating delicious food all together. We are here to make sure you do just that too with our chunky coleslaw.

Having food allergies can mean that things like this can be hard to do, but we wanted to create some easy dairy free recipes for you to take out and enjoy all together! ⁠

We added some of our Goji Berries to this Chunky Coleslaw and it added a really nice sweetness to it. Goji Berries have some really good health benefits, they help support your immune system and are high in antioxidants! Who knew little berries could do all that, and they taste so good.

This free from coleslaw is such an easy dish to prepare for a large group of people and we can guarantee that everyone will enjoy it. Pair this with your main and you have the perfect combination.

Not only is this nut free recipe so delicious and easy, it is packed with goodness and health benefits. What more could you want?

Prep:10 Minutes

Cook:0 Minutes



  • 200g White Cabbage
  • 200g Carrots
  • 1 Large Onion (sliced)
  • 1 cup of Coriander
  • 100g Creative Nature Goji Berries
  • 3 tbsp Vegan Mayonnaise

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1. Take a large mixing bowl and set aside, on a chopping board slice you white cabbage, carrots and Onion. Place these all into the large mixing bowl and add the goji berries.
2. Dice up the coriander until it is small enough to be sprinkled on top of the coleslaw.
3. Add 3 tbsp of Vegan Mayonnaise to the large mixing bowl and mix until all the cabbage, carrot and onion are evenly covered.
4. Sprinkle the coriander on top and it is ready to serve!

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