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Birthday Bundle

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I love this bundle so much! You can send it to the address of your friend, family or loved one with a birthday, or use the products to create your own top 14 allergen free bakes to cater for everyone!

Julianne Ponan - CEO

The Juicy Details


This bundle’s here for you to indulge in only the best celebratory flavours: chocolate, caramel and bursts of berry! We just know you’ll adore all of these incredible flavours with our oatie bars, and to further the party, we’ve also thrown in each flavour of our Magibles!

Our vegan, gluten free and top 14 allergen-safe Magibles are perfect as birthday treats and even better as birthday cake toppings! Of course, there’s no birthday without cake – so, we’ve thrown in both chocolate and carrot cake mixes to tickle your fancy!

We want to make sure that no one ever misses out on eating the same food as everyone one else around the dinner table especially when it’s someone’s birthday! We have made sure to have a standard recipe and a vegan recipe on the back of all of our baking mixes so everyone is accounted for.  Our Magibles, Baking Mixes and Snack Bars are all free from the Top 14 Allergens so everyone can enjoy the same delicious food. 

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without a birthday card so we want to offer you the option of adding a personalised card to the bundle. It’s all the finishing touches that make it the best it can be! 

What’s inside?

1 x 300g Chocolate Cake Baking Mix: 

The essential birthday party centerpiece. Other than being mind-blowingly delicious, our chocolate cake only requires two extra ingredients; it’s super simple, yet super-effective, mess-free and stress-free. What more could you ask for on your birthday?


1 x 250g Carrot Loaf Cake Baking Mix:

Providing a bit of contrast to our products, we’re introducing you to our simply spiced carrot loaf. With a moist sponge and fantastic frosting, we’re inviting you to supercharge your elevenses at any occasion, birthdays, afternoon tea, dessert, or even a special birthday breakfast! 


3 x 30g packs of Magibles:

Our Magibles are the life of the party; they provide the ultimate chocolate galore! We’ll be providing you with the full range of flavours: super-salted caramel (protein and rice) , hazelnot and creeamy m*lk chocolate. Perfect for a lower sugar snack or a cake topping!


1 x 30g Berry Blend Bar:

Our award winning bars bursting with berry-blend goodness. With no artificial sugar, sweeteners or syrups these cold-pressed flapjacks would rank as one of the healthiest snacks out there. They’re perfect for pre/post workout snacks, smoothie bowl toppings or lunch-time snacks! 


1 x 30g Oh Wow Cacao Bar:

 A Great Taste Gold Star winning snack bar with cacao powder and nibs to boost antioxidants. A great bar to have before a workout or as a treat after some cardio to replenish those glycogen stores. Great for all the vegan chocoholics out there!


1 x 40g Super Salted Caramel Protein Bar:

 Last of the oat bars, but certainly not the least are our super salted caramel bars. This will satisfy your sweet tooth but the protein content will also fuel you for longer! 


Please see individual product pages for their nutritional information:

1 x 300g Chocolate Cake Baking Mix

1 x 250g Carrot Loaf Cake Baking Mix

3 x 30g packs of Magibles

1 x 30g Berry Blend Bar

1 x 30g Oh Wow Cacao Bar

1 x 40g Super Salted Caramel Protein Bar

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